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Are you depressed?

Monday, May 5, 2008
I will fully explore depression in a later post, but I ran across this video that explains what may be going on behind the scenes that could attribute to a bout of depression.

The reason I find it interesting is because there is an argument as to whether there are any biological reasons for depression, or if depressed people can just "snap out of it" without the use of medication.


Anonymous at: 5/7/08, 5:09 PM said...


well i was,diagnosed at 16 with depression. Now i will say i feel myself going in to it, if that mkaes sense?? I know how to deal with can't snap out of it i can only deal with it!

Kasana at: 5/7/08, 5:29 PM said...

I agree hun.

I mean there has to be more to it than just "having a bad day".

Like I said, I wll make a post at a later time that looks into this more deeply because it affects a lot of people.

Anonymous at: 5/9/08, 7:24 PM said...


ok,that sounds good!!!!....i was lurkni on s2s and saw lellow thread.tell her i will pray for her to please. have a great day girl!!!