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Birth control

Thursday, March 27, 2008
There are many birth control methods available these days. Condoms, pills, iud's etc.

Since most affect the woman more than the man, there is a lot to be considered.

Do I want something inserted inside of me?

Will I remember to take a pill everyday?

What are the side affects of an injectable drug?

How long does it take to leave my system if I decide I want children?

And lately they seem to offer so much more that protection from pregnancy. Just looking through magazines I see advertisements for birth control that offer clear skin, shorter lighter periods........and I just started thinking, "Even though these claims sound good, do I really want the natural order of things messed with"? I mean, our bodies are designed the way they are for a reason. Not to mention the possible side effects, we are talking synthetic hormones here.

So lets look at how oral contraceptives work. They are man made hormones that are patterned after natural hormones that are produced by our ovaries. Sometimes it's one hormone or a combination, but they generally work by tricking our bodies into not releasing an egg (ovulation), can change the lining of the uterus and also helps prevent the sperm from reaching the egg. I've just grown very weary of the medicines that have been put on the market as of late. I mean seems just a quick as the FDA approves a drug, it's being pulled off the market with a class action lawsuit attached to it. So are they really looking out for my health and safety, or do they just want to make more money?

So I just started thinking, " Are there some herbal alternatives"? Well it seems there are. Again, let me stress that before trying anything, especially something this serious, consult your physician.

With that being said(or written as the case may be) at Dherbs their formula consists of 100% Mexican wild yam root (not to be confused with the yams served at Thanksgiving dinner). Now, there are a lot of reports that state that the active ingredient diosgenin which is thought to be converted into hormones naturally in the human body which helps to prevent a pregnancy, does not actually take place.

However there seem to be promising reports about neem seed oil.

What is neem? It is a tree in the mahogany family that is native to India. It has a lot of other uses and I can attest to the fact that it does help to clear acne, if used consistently.

But how does it work as birth control ? Well a study using 1000mg was shown to kill all sperm in just five minutes!! Now before you run out and order some, it must be noted that it is injected directly into the uterus....I know...OUCH!!! But hey...if you have ever smelled it you would know that injection is a good thing, as that smell would definitely kill the mood....I mean of course that does depend on your guy, because hey, he might be into that sort of thing. Who am I to judge? Studies also show that it helps prevent some stds. And guess what? MEN CAN TAKE IT AS WELL!! I know, it's a long shot that a man would actually take some responsibility for a change, but in another study pills made from the leaf extract were given to men, and reversible results where shown after on month, and became 100% effective after six months.

Well, I'm not going to be the first one to try it, but it is interesting just the same. So if you or anyone you know has tried it, let me know please.

What are your thoughts?