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Stiff joints

Monday, March 24, 2008
About a year ago I noticed that I my hair was looking kind of dull and My nails were also not in the best of shape, but I attributed it to a profession that calls for me to wash my hands numerous times during my work shift, and possibly not consuming enough water. So, I consulted my trusty herb encyclopedia, and decided to try horsetail. There were a few other things that I also wanted to try (dulce, sage, nettles) but when I went the the health food store, horsetail was the only thing available in liquid form. And since I hate taking pills it was a no-brainer. The thing I love the most about herbs is that when taking them for one thing, they almost always benefit you in some other way.
To my surprise, After about two weeks of taking horsetail in liquid for three times a day with meals, I started to notice that I no longer had a problem bending at the knees. I mean even on rainy day's. It was amazing. So I decided to read more about this horsetail, and found that the ingredient that causes the hair, skin, and nails to grow (silica) is also something that helps us move.

What is normally prescribed for stiff joints? Glucosamine and Chondrointin

Horsetail also helps our bodies facilitate calcium, which has a tendency to build up in our joints, which in turn causes us to be stiff. In other words, it helps us to use what we need, and get rid of what we don't. To prove my point, I would post a video of me doing a cartwheel, but I underestimated how close the brick wall was, and I had a minor collision with it and skinned my knee.
But that's okay, because I have herbs for that as well!!