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Tips for taking herbs

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What are some things you should think about before trying a herbal remedy?

Well first and foremost ALWAY'S CONSULT A PHYSICIAN. Especially if you are currently on any type of medication. Also, consult a herbalist. They will be able to tell you how much of an herb you should take, and the length of time you should take it.

Always use extra caution if you know you are pregnant, feel you might be pregnant or you are lactating.

Decide what from of herb is best for you. Herbs are offered in fresh or dried form, that you will have to prepare in order to use them. They are also offered in capsule form. I am not sure if it's the gelatin that is used or just me....but they always get stuck in my throat!!! I have been told by a health store worker that you can open the capsule, and add the contents to a beverage, but my favorite is the herbal extract. They assimilate into your system much faster and mix with just about any liquid. Just be careful of the extraction method. Herbs are extracted using alcohol, and sometimes the alcohol is removed by further extraction, or left in. At any rate, it should tell you on the label if is has alcohol in it.

And please keep in mind that herbs come from plants. Plants that we may be allergic to. So why not try a "spot test"? Put a small amount of the herbal extract on your arm, and rub it in. Wait for a few hours or overnight. If there is no reaction, most likely you are not allergic to it.